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Kick ASS Utility!

FolderShare – File Transfer & Remote File Access – Product Overview
My boss found this today. It’s KICK ASS if you are like me and are neurotic about your workspace, and have to keep it the same across multiple systems. You can sync things like your bookmarks, or random folders or whatever. I am using it to keep my cute little cheat sheets the same across the three computers I work at regularly. It also allows me to share documents with other people, so the boss and I can keep our reports and schedules and such the same if either of us makes a change. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Dell the Third Is About to Be Born

Dell XPS M1210 Review (pics, specs)
I finally broke down and ordered a new laptop last week. Ms Dell the First has been a good laptop, and I love how small and portable she is. However, when I bought it, I made a very very n00b computer buyer mistake: I went cheap. I bought for current needs without taking into consideration how my needs might change over time. Job responsibilities have changed, I started playing Lineage II, I have started taking more pictures than I used to, and I just do more that requires power than just IRC and a web browser. Somehow a single 2G processor and 512 of ram shared with the video card just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I was working training a n00b last week and realised that doing just my normal work I was running consistently at full processor and ram usage, and just decided that it was time to upgrade.
Ms. Dell the First will be retired with honour. She has been there with me for literally just about everything for the last two years, including my wedding.