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Stay away from Mozy

I have been a customer of Mozy for several years now. In fact, if you know me personally, or follow me on Twitter, the chances are excellent that I have recommended them to you. I’ve had a couple problems, but overall, I’ve been happy with the service, and it was very reasonably priced.

Last week, that changed….

I noticed that my backup had been failing for the last several days, so I did a Twitter search for Mozy, which revealed the annoying fact that Mozy had decided to do away with their unlimited plan. I did the math on how much their new plans were going to cost me, and determined that it was going to be several hundred dollars a month. Um, NO! Given the facts that the service was not working and I was going to have to move anyway, I signed up with CrashPlan, and am in the process of moving all my data there.

This is where the story goes from mere annoyance to RAGE. Using the Mozy login system, you are able to cancel your account, but it does not give you a refund. According to their knowledge base, if you want your money back, you have to open a case with them. Stupid, but ok, off to their live chat system I go. I nicely explain to the guy who picks up my request that I no longer have the card that I used to pay and need to figure out how to proceed. Their answer:

Removed for agent privacy: do you still have those old credit cards?
Removed for agent privacy: or cards?
Me: no.
Me: i have moved to a new bank.
Removed for agent privacy: ok. the only way for us to cancel and refund the money is to issue a refund on the card that we still haveon file. So since you ahve moved to a different bank, you will ahve to call your old bank and file for a dispute, they will see the credit on that card in 7-10 business days. The reason we can add a card now is becasuse it has already charged for this month, and due to money laundry laws we cant refund to the MasterCard
Removed for agent privacy: do yo know when you created the account for verification?
Me: Then you need to send me a check.
Me: telling me to call a bank i no longer bank with is not a solution
Me: I no longer have a relationship of ANY kind w/ that bank.
Removed for agent privacy: yes, you will ahe to call the bank and let them know there has been a refund on the card, and they will issue you a check, and the reason we can’t i due anti-money laundry laws
Me: THEN YOU can send me a check.
Removed for agent privacy: i cant becasue the anti money laundry laws
Me: I should NOT have to contact an old bank for you to refund me. that is unacceptable.
Removed for agent privacy: its the law
Me: you can refund via check. I used to sell merchant accounts
Me: and i work in the same industry.
Me: that is not money laundering.
Removed for agent privacy: im sorry this is th only way to have the refund issued
Me: Then i will be contacting the BBB. I know what you are saying to be false.
Removed for agent privacy: you havent verified any information for me to even identify who you really are. Once you can verify the last 4 digits of the credit card we can issue a refund from you and teh bank can cut you a check
Removed for agent privacy: yes but the information is avalable by contacting the bank
Removed for agent privacy: even if has been canceled
Me: Ok, so I’m logged IN TO MY ACCOUNT to make this case. how is that not authentication? I can click on cancel account from a screen that i am looking at….except you people will keep my money.
Removed for agent privacy: that does not mean anything that you can be logged in, a vaild form to identify that you are you is by the last 4 digits of the credit card

For the record, I called my old bank, and an attempt to refund to the closed card would fail. I’ve filed a complaint with the BBB, so hopefully they can help me get my money back. Interesting how I’m totally ok to cancel via this online, without authentication…..if I let them keep my money.

To any and all people who might drive the 330….

There is no shame in not driving the speed limit up the hill. You might not be comfy driving 55 in the mountains, we get that. Your car might not be CAPABLE of doing it, we get that too. It’s cool; we still love you – that’s why CalTrans made the turnouts and passing lanes.
HOWEVER….IF you are in this crowd, and you drive past the turnouts going 30 miles per hour with 15 cars behind you, and then speed up when we finally hit the passing lane so not everyone can get around you, that means you SUCK. You are a rude asshole who needs to DIAF. YOU are the asshat who causes accidents when people try to go around you because they are so damn frustrated that you refuse to do the polite thing and turn out. You aren’t helping people to be more safe, you are being a jerk, and you need to get the fuck off our roads.
Your friends and neighbours who also have to share the road.


I have done it to myself again…I started drinking coffee at work again. I do this every couple of years when life starts to pile up on me at the office. I drink for a few months, then I realise how horrible it is for me, and quit all over again. It’s a vicious cycle.

I am having one of those days at work today where I really want to throw my new established Dessie Coffee Cup through my monitor. Nothing’s going right, servers don’t want to keep doing their job, and I have had to pee for an hour and haven’t had time. Sigh.


I have been thinking a lot about this since an incident at my wedding. For the six of you (yes, there are six now wheee!) that read this blog and don’t already know, I am pagan, and so is Mister Dessie. When we started working on our wedding, we wanted to design something that wouldn’t make the nice Christians coming to the wedding uncomfortable, but also stayed true to our beliefs. Overall, I think we did a decent job of it. The only thing that was overtly pagan there was a plate with a pentacle on the altar that was intended to hold the rings. No one was to see it but us.
Anyway, to make a long story short, a family friend saw said said pentacle, and freaked out entirely. We also had my father making cracks to friends about us sacrificing babies to Satan. Clearly, sacrificing infants to Satan is not part of my religious MO, and is not currently planned for addition. I hate crying babies, so it just wouldn’t work out! πŸ˜›
Then, I look at stories like that of Roberta Stewart, who has been fighting with the Department of Veterans Affairs to get a plaque added to a local memorial for a husband with the symbol of his religion, a pentagram. Even atheists have a symbol approved by the VA, but not the pentagram.
I can kind of understand the way of thinking that generates these attitudes. Even though I know the true meaning of the pentagram as used by American Pagans, I still get a gut reaction of dread when I see one – and I wear one! At some level, mistrust of pagan religions is instilled into us at a very young age.
Part of this I blame on TV and movies. How many TV shows have you seen about a gruesome Satanist murder where the pentagram was painted on the wall in blood or some such, even tho such things rarely ever happen? Even the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland had a pentacle on the wall in one of their “scary witch” type rooms (I am glad to say that the last time I went that said pentagram was no longer present, so they are catching on over at good ole Disney).
The whole thing made me think about what we teach our children about other schools of thought. Are we doing a good job of teaching our kids that different schools of thought are okay? Or are we teaching them to think badly of someone because of a symbol? Obviously, we are missing something if the symbol of one of the fastest growing religions in the country makes people think of Satan.
Not that I have any good answers, but it was something I was thinking.

Wedding Disasters :(

So, today, I went to the wedding place to show my sister, Shiloh, the venue. We walk in, I start showing her around, and then it hits me. All the vines are missing. Yes, the beautiful vines through the ceiling, the whole reason we fell in love with the place – GONE.
We went from:


This ENTIRELY ruins my whole dΓƒΖ’Γ†β€™Γƒβ€šΓ‚Β©cor plan which was centered around the vines. Hell, my bouquet was all vines! I went over to the office to ask WTF, and they were all, well, we are gonna add come chandeliers. Well GREAT, THANKS. HOW ABOUT PUTTING BACK WHAT I FUCKING PAID FOR?!
We have a call in to the wedding planner demanding a meeting, for all the good it will do. I cried all the way home. Now, I have to come up with an actual dΓƒΖ’Γ†β€™Γƒβ€šΓ‚Β©cor plan and some centerpieces to counteract how mediocre the room is now. *sob*.
I am just glad we went over there before the rehearsal. It would have been truly terrible to find this with only 2 days before the wedding and no time to fix it. Well, as much as we can anyway. πŸ™

Where Were You When the Lights Went Out, LA?

How Los Angeles Lost Power
Ouch. It seems someone cut the wrong wire, and managed to take down the power to half of LA. Wahey. :-/
Ordinarily, this would be something I would laugh at, and move on my way, however, this “little booboo” managed to wreck my day rather nicely. Someone did something wrong with the generators at our datacenter for my company, which caused our servers to loose all power. VERY BAD JUJU. πŸ™
I spent about 15 hours at work yesterday, helping to deal with the mess. Still getting bitched at by people who think we should have done something to prevent the power from going out at all.

Hurricane Katrina

By now, everyone has seen all the pictures on TV of Hurricane Katrina. Most of us have seen Jesse Jackson or Kayne West on the news talking about how the government “hates black people” and the delays are unconscionable.
As a person who has had training in disaster relief, I would like to offer a different perspective on the “delays”.
1. They are dealing with a disaster area the size of Great Britain. At the time that I am typing this, the disaster area declaration covered 90,000 square miles. That’s a hell of a lot of terrain to cover. They have to come up with the plan and manpower to cover a disaster area the size of a small country.
2. There are only so many trained responders. Right now, there are National Guard troops, Red Cross workers, etc. from all over the country in the affected areas. It takes time to get there, especially with breadth of damage to the infrastructure of the affected areas.
3. The people in New Orleans and Biloxi were looting and shooting at the relief workers. One of the first rules of disaster relief and search and rescue is to keep yourself safe first. You are no damn good to anyone if you get yourself hurt or killed, because then you are part of the problem. Once the shooting and unrest started, the rescuers on the ground had to wait for the National Guard to come restore order.
4. The damage caused by the hurricane itself. Power is out. Roads are damaged. There is a shortage of gas. Relief workers can get in, but they can’t get around. Most of New Orleans is under water, in some cases, up to 20 feet deep.
In a disaster of this magnitude, it is going to take time for help to get there. According to one of my trainers, when the “big one” eventually hits Los Angeles, all the facades on the buildings of Los Angeles are going to come down, causing over 6 feet of debris in the streets of downtown LA. In all likelihood, several of the dams in the area are going to go, causing flooding. In the face of that kind of damage, they said, “We aren’t coming. We are going to be stretched to the limits and not able to deal with all the damage. You HAVE to be prepared for a week or so of being stuck in your house awaiting help.” The same is true for the hurricane areas.

OK Kids, Here is your Lesson of the Day…

I learned this lesson this week…very expensively. I deposited my tax return in my account via the ATM last week. Since I had just put a bunch of money into the account, I proceeded to spend it. πŸ˜€
When I logged into my account yesterday, it said that I was $1700 in the hole. I WTF’d (of course) and called the bank right away. The “nice lady” that answered told me, yes, you forgot to sign the check, no, we don’t know where the check is, no, we did not yet notify you of this issue, and yes, you do have to pay the $85 in overdraft fees. Great.
I went down to the bank this morning. By then, I had already hit $135 in overdraft fees, still without having been notified of any issues with the check. I talked to a guy at the bank who looked at my account, and told me that they had been notified that the check was not signed on Friday. The letter (letter!!!) informing me of the same was sent on Tuesday. No, we still won’t refund some of the overdraft fees.
It wasn’t until the Honey and I pointed out that supposedly they were notified of this issue on FRIDAY, but still didn’t freeze my account, thereby allowing another several overdrafts that they agreed to refund some of them. I also threatened to take my 4 accounts away from that bank, which may have helped, but whatever. I am going to end up paying $50 in overdraft fees. Not as bad as $135, but still sucky. All over a fucking signature. Aren’t we living in the electronic age where no one needs paper checks anyway? WTF.