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I DOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heh, I started writing this post on Monday. It’s now Tuesday Thursday. Wonder when I will actually get it put up?

Anyway, I went diving on Sunday….it was the first time I have managed to dive since I fell in November. I celebrated in grand fashion, by buying a wetsuit of my very own. Hooray!

I can’t wait til I have the spare cash for an underwater housing for my new camera. Well, its not new anymore, but still, I want the damn housing. Hehe. They are pretty pricey, so I don’t think it will be soon. I bid on one on Ebay, but I bid really low so I don’t expect to actually get it, which is fine cuz my paycheck was screwed up this week *glares at boss* (Kidding Mister Boss, you know I love ya). I will know on Saturday, so we shall see.

Ms. Dell the Third Is About to Be Born

Dell XPS M1210 Review (pics, specs)
I finally broke down and ordered a new laptop last week. Ms Dell the First has been a good laptop, and I love how small and portable she is. However, when I bought it, I made a very very n00b computer buyer mistake: I went cheap. I bought for current needs without taking into consideration how my needs might change over time. Job responsibilities have changed, I started playing Lineage II, I have started taking more pictures than I used to, and I just do more that requires power than just IRC and a web browser. Somehow a single 2G processor and 512 of ram shared with the video card just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I was working training a n00b last week and realised that doing just my normal work I was running consistently at full processor and ram usage, and just decided that it was time to upgrade.
Ms. Dell the First will be retired with honour. She has been there with me for literally just about everything for the last two years, including my wedding.

Harry Potter Day!

It’s been a while since I have had a chance to update this thing. Life has been uberbusy for me lately. It’s Harry Potter day today, so I will be updating w/ all sorts of new stuff soon. W00t!

I am an Auntie! W00t!

And my baby sister is a mommy.
Taylor Vincent Gealogo was born on 26 June at 2:40PM Hawaii time. He was 6lbs 15oz. Both of them are doing great.

Not the best picture ever, since it doesn’t actually show his face, but its the best I have for right now. Hopefully more will be forthcoming. 🙂

YAY! They were found!

Someone called me just now….they found my keys! Apparently, they had been in her car the whole time. Yay! I am kinda glad I wasn’t able to get replacements over the weekend now, because a new clicker thingy is NOT cheap. W00T!

Macallan 18 is dangerous shite – Beware!

Warning! Grossness ahead!
Ha, I knew you were going to read on anyway.
I walked into work 2 hours late (I know, bad Dessie. I’ll explain that bit of blondeness in a later entry) and ran to the other room to clock in. As I am walking back to my desk, I start paying a bit more attention to my surroundings, and notice that the floor is wet, and one of the overnight guys is doing a bit of cleanup. I just figured that the dude spilled something all over the kitchen, and don’t pay much attention.
So, I get back to the tech room, and one of the guys motions me over to the desk. Apparently two of the guys went on a bit of a drinking spree last night, and drank an entire bottle of cask strength Macallan 18. Well, it would seem that one of the guys in question was upstairs when he suddenly felt the “urge” and apparently was unable to make it to the facilities. So, he whipped “it” out, did his business in an open area upstairs. The puddle proceeded to drip down the wall and make a puddle in the KITCHEN area. They were feverishly trying to clean up the mess as I was coming in.
The other guy was in the bathroom, cleaning up another “accident”. Apparently, he felt sick, and did not make it to the bathroom. He puked all over the fucking bathroom, completely trashing the floor, the toilet and the walls. One of the receptionists cleaned the walls and the floor, but was on strike when it came to the toilet. We had to call the cleaning lady to come clean it.
The best part was the two guys in question completely passed out on the couch snoring til about noon. They were completely out…in fact, I am pretty sure I saw one of them drool.
Kids, stay away from the Scotch! It’s dangerous.


An amazing, once in a lifetime thing happened to me today. I got a LETTER of apology from someone who was an ass to me a MONTH ago. He felt that he had been a jerk, and I guess his conscience was bothering him or something. I am not sure WTF, but, it was apparently wearing on him that he had been rude. I am framing that shit. I am sure it will be the only one I will ever see.
edit: In showing the letter about, it seems that one of the senior techs here told him that he had been an ass, and he should apologise to me. Not quite as cool of him as it would be had it been of his own free will, but hey, no complaints here. 🙂