Fun Fact: Friday is Different than Saturday

The reason I was late to work this morning (see my first entry from this morning) was because I thought it was Saturday. I blame this on two things:

  1. An idiot who was screaming at me yesterday who said it was Friday at least 4 times.
  2. Amy, for having a party on Thursday this week.

My alarm went off at its usual time, and did a “WTF, I forgot to turn the damned thing off this morning?” and went back to sleep. I was sleeping happily when the honey woke up at 7:15 and was all shouldn’t you be at work? I told him to fuck off and die, cuz its Saturday, and went back to sleep. Two minutes later, he wakes me up again and was all, no hon, it’s Friday. He drags me over to the computer where the clock says Friday.
Shit. Blondeness happens.

Macallan 18 is dangerous shite – Beware!

Warning! Grossness ahead!
Ha, I knew you were going to read on anyway.
I walked into work 2 hours late (I know, bad Dessie. I’ll explain that bit of blondeness in a later entry) and ran to the other room to clock in. As I am walking back to my desk, I start paying a bit more attention to my surroundings, and notice that the floor is wet, and one of the overnight guys is doing a bit of cleanup. I just figured that the dude spilled something all over the kitchen, and don’t pay much attention.
So, I get back to the tech room, and one of the guys motions me over to the desk. Apparently two of the guys went on a bit of a drinking spree last night, and drank an entire bottle of cask strength Macallan 18. Well, it would seem that one of the guys in question was upstairs when he suddenly felt the “urge” and apparently was unable to make it to the facilities. So, he whipped “it” out, did his business in an open area upstairs. The puddle proceeded to drip down the wall and make a puddle in the KITCHEN area. They were feverishly trying to clean up the mess as I was coming in.
The other guy was in the bathroom, cleaning up another “accident”. Apparently, he felt sick, and did not make it to the bathroom. He puked all over the fucking bathroom, completely trashing the floor, the toilet and the walls. One of the receptionists cleaned the walls and the floor, but was on strike when it came to the toilet. We had to call the cleaning lady to come clean it.
The best part was the two guys in question completely passed out on the couch snoring til about noon. They were completely out…in fact, I am pretty sure I saw one of them drool.
Kids, stay away from the Scotch! It’s dangerous.


An amazing, once in a lifetime thing happened to me today. I got a LETTER of apology from someone who was an ass to me a MONTH ago. He felt that he had been a jerk, and I guess his conscience was bothering him or something. I am not sure WTF, but, it was apparently wearing on him that he had been rude. I am framing that shit. I am sure it will be the only one I will ever see.
edit: In showing the letter about, it seems that one of the senior techs here told him that he had been an ass, and he should apologise to me. Not quite as cool of him as it would be had it been of his own free will, but hey, no complaints here. 🙂

Just because I have boobs doesn’t mean I am dumb!

Fun facts for callers:

  1. Just because I happen to be a woman, it does not automatically mean I am a secretary. I get at least 2 calls a day wher the person starts out the call by bitching because he was sent back to an operator, even though I answer the phone with “thank you for calling xxxxx support, how may I help you”. They just automatically assume that I am an operator because I am a woman. GGGGGRRRR!
  2. Do not start the call by saying “I don’t think you can help me with this”. I took a poll of my male coworkers, and not a one of them report getting this behaviour from people. I get at least 5 calls a day where they start with that. If you don’t think a woman is smart enough to do work for you, Fuck off and Die already.

Another Liar! WTF!

So a dude called today saying he was having “a weird problem with one of his emails”. It seemed that when he sent email from his webmail, it said the email address for another user. I ask him, did you check x screen? Him: of course I did, I’m not stupid. (edit: I always love it when they say that, because those people are usually the dumbest.) I log in, look at the screen in question, and oh! look! someone else’s email in the box. When I pointed that out to him, interestingly, he hung up. *giggle*

Don’t Lie to Me!

Fun fact: if you think you are going to pull one over on tech support, you are wrong. If you broke your shit, own up to it!
I talked to a dude recently who broke his server entirely. Completely his fault – he was f-ing with stuff he knew nothing about. He swore up and down he hadn’t done anything to his server in “months”, so I log in. The last login was on that day. I ask the guy what his IP is, and interestingly, the login came from that IP. So, I start looking around at command histories. Turns out that the history showed like 5 important files edited. This guy had no comment when I pointed that out. Hehe.