I got a decent GPS

It’s all exciting. Now when the honey and I go geocaching we can get closer to the target than, what 20 feet. It was a LOT cheaper than we expected too.
I got all the software set up on my PocketPC for keeping track of the caches, which is helpful, because I don’t have to remember hints and all that fun stuff.
The honey and I are taking the boys out caching tomorrow afternoon. We found a couple of hundred cacheswithin about 25 miles of where I grew up. I am going to give them the laptop to work with to find the next cache while I work from my Pocket PC.
We even picked up a couple of travelbugs that we are going to let the boys replace into new caches. Should be a fun day. 🙂

I am an Auntie! W00t!

And my baby sister is a mommy.
Taylor Vincent Gealogo was born on 26 June at 2:40PM Hawaii time. He was 6lbs 15oz. Both of them are doing great.

Not the best picture ever, since it doesn’t actually show his face, but its the best I have for right now. Hopefully more will be forthcoming. 🙂

What’s My Name, Bitch?!

Me: Thank you for calling (my company) support, this is Destiny how can I help you?
Customer: Hi Ashley, how are you today?
WTH! How hard is Destiny? Say it with me people, des-ti-nee. See, not hard.

Friday Night

It’s Friday night, and what am I doing? I am chatting online, drinking soda (not beer! are y’all proud?), and singing 90’s love songs at the top of my lungs.
I was all efficient today, and went grocery shopping, then came home and scrubbed out our fridge. It really needed it – there were some things growing. Not attractive. I bought a bunch of stuff for makin’ quickie dinners – sketti and such. W00t efficient Dessie!
I have moved on to singing Power Rangers themes – in French. Life is good.
/me dances

I Hate Sore Brains

I had a really horrible headache yesterday. I never even got out of bed. I pretty much went to my kit, grabbed a blindfold, and didn’t get out of bed. Unfortunately, this was totally not in the fun sense of blindfolds and bed. Booo!
Its better today, but still hurts. 🙁

The True Meaning of the Word “Service”

Another funny from the incomparable Sonie, from whence many of my funnies come. Luv ya girl. 🙂
At one time in my life, I thought I understood the meaning of the word “service.” The act of doing things for other people.
Then I heard the terms:
Internal Revenue Service
Postal Service
Civil Service
Service Stations
Customer Service
City/County Public Service
And I became confused about the word “service.” This is not what I thought “service” meant.
Then one day, I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them mentioned that he was having a bull service a few of his cows.
WHAM!! It all came into perspective! Now I understand what all those “service” agencies are doing to us.