Yes, McGonagall, you are a mighty hun……oh EW!!!!

So. I am sitting on my bed working on product return form to return some bad sex toys, when I hear McGonagall chasing something into the house from outside. I smile to myself thinking that he caught a grasshopper or cricket or something else equally innocuous. After about 10 minutes of listening to him chasing something, I am sitting there going wtf, he has usually caught the bug by now, so I go to investigate. It turns out that McGonagall had CHASED IN A MOUSE FROM OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course, my reaction is to scream like a girl, run for my bedroom, and stand on my bed. I called the honey and explained the situation to him in the highest pitch voice possible for my vocal cords. His reaction? Laugh at me. 🙁
So, I am standing on the bed, praying that McGonagall does not chase the mouse into my bedroom, freaking out while honey is laughing at me. I am trying desperately to figure out how to get the mouse outside, preferably before McGonagall kills it, so I don’t have to pick up mouse bits, cuz I am starting to hear squeaking at this point. I come up with the genius plan to run through the house as fast as I can, run out the front door, and open the back door from outside, hopefully bypassing the mouse entirely.
I run out my front door, and around the house, and as am I am opening the back door, I realise I was naked. Now, I have the decision: go in the back door, and risk the mouse, or go back around to the front and hope no one is treated to the full moon. I went with the full moon. What?! Mice are scary!
Anyway, now back in my house, I throw some clothes on and tip toe to the office. McGonagall is staring at some brown bags that are sitting there, so I start suspecting that the mouse is now in the bag. I go get the broom and use the handle to push the brown bags out the back door, praying that the mouse is now outside.
McGonagall is prancing about the back yard being so proud of the mighty mouse hunt, and comes over for mommy to tell him that he is the badassest mouse hunter in the world. I pet him and tell him what a great hunter he is, and we go back inside. At this point, I think the mouse got away and start to get ready for bed. Yay for sleep, right?
Then, disaster. McGonagall heads back to the office and starts pawing at the area by my desk. I am now convinced that the mouse is still inside, but there is nothing I can do because I can’t even get to the area in question with my broom, and I am sure as shit not crawling under my desk to go get a fucking mouse. I decide to go to bed and hope to god I am wrong about the mouse being still in my house. The cats come to bed, and we all go to sleep.
I was up every fucking half hour, because every time a cat moved, I would have to get up, turn on the light, and check my bed for a GodFather moment, a la mouse. I think I got maybe an hour’s sleep total. Boooo.
Honey will be home tonite, so the mouse guts search will commence tonite. whoo!

We Found a Place!

Calamigos Ranch – The Oaks Room
This is the place we picked out for our wedding. The original date we had planned is not going to work, because it is a touch more expensive than we had planned on, so we put it off a bit to June. The current plan is for June 18th, but that won’t be final until we go sign papers and give them money on Friday. Stupid job had to send honey out of town til then. 🙁
Anyway, work on the wedding website has commenced, with announcements to be made shortly as to location. RSVP will be all online or via phone, as I am really too lazy (and cheap) to deal with RSVP cards.
Poll: to have dancing or not to have dancing – that is the question. Comments welcome. 🙂

Yay for Another New Catagory! Wedding!

We are going location shopping for our wedding this weekend. Yay for us!
Shaddup all you people out there, you knew we were going to get around to it sooner or later! I don’t want to hear it’s about time from all y’all. 😀
Stay tuned…hopefully we will have location and dates firmed up in the next couple of weeks.