It’s … Gladiator, Dildo Style

Ok, this is probably only going to be funny to me, but what the hell.
I am reading the official sex toy saleswoman support boards this morning, and some woman mentions that she is going to play the “cock fight game” at her party. It’s early, and I am still a little punch drunk, my mind goes places.
I start picturing two party guests standing on a little stool with a Chocolate Thriller (exactly what it sounds like) in their hands. Getting ready to square off, sword fight style. The Zorro we are about to fight music begins, and then the battle royal, with both people trying to use their dildo to knock each other off their stools. The crowd cheers, and they fight. Guts, glory, it’s all here. Finally, someone is victorious…
The winner gains …. eternal glory as the winner of Dildo Wars.
I crack myself up.