I Have Been Crazy Busy

Work has been insanity on the grandest of scales, which isn’t news for me I suppose. I tend to work a bit too much even in the best of times. We put out a new product that has some challenges that we are having to work through. Makes for a lot of headaches, and lots of long hours that have made me a bit too anti computer when I get home from work, so I just haven’t felt like blogging.
I also managed to take a header down Shiloh’s stairs on Thanksgiving day, and in the process, I broke my ankle in like 4 places and dislocated it which tore tendons and ligaments, as well as doing some shiny nerve damage. I had to have surgery on it a couple of weeks later, and spent like two months basically trapped at home because I couldn’t drive. Needless to say, that was not fun. I am mostly back together now. It still hurts to walk and I can’t wear my fins to dive yet, which makes me very sad. :( It is improving though.
Life is sorta calming down and getting back on track, so I should be updating more soon.