Hmm. It’s Springtime Now.

So I thought it was time for a new, spring-ish look for ye olde blog. (translation: I got bored with the green. LOL)
Time has flown by. I am swamped as heck at work, since I am pretty much working 6 days a week until we get someone new hired for the graveyard shift on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Das no fun, but the money is a good thing with the wedding fast approaching. (Current countdown at the time of this typing: 12wks 2days 4hrs 18mins 34secs)
To do in the next couple of weeks: find some bridesmaid’s dresses we all can live with that don’t break the bank, and finalise invitations. Anyone know where I can find plain old boring cream coloured invitation card stock w/ matching envelopes? It’s much more complicated than I would have thought to find. BOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
We have decided on a honeymoon location (well, two in our case). We are going to New York City for a week, then for a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean. It’s going to be the longest vacation I have taken in like 5 years, no longer. The last one I took was only a week. ROFL, its gonna be my longest ever.
Other than that, I have nothing interesting going on in my life. Depressing, isn’t it?