I’m not dead, really

I have been so totally busy since going back to work after the wedding. We have had a really difficult couple of weeks, that thankfully are finally over. It’s been almost a year since we played “where were you when the lights went out“, and quite frankly, it was a game I hoped never to play again.
Needless to say, with two major outages in less than a week, it was a really long couple of days. Lots of long hours, lots of pissy people. On the bright side, it is my company’s intent to get the bleeding hell out of that Data Center, and while that is going to mean a long weekend of graveyard for me, it means that I never, ever, ever have to play that hateful game again. I hope. 😛 I think that that is going to be accomplished in the next 30 days or so, so yay for that.
In other news, married life is going well. We are mostly settled in after the honeymoon, other than the fact that we still haven’t had time to get the Thank You cards done. Folks, if you sent a gift, we really are thankful, it’s just that we have been to swamped to write each of you.
Final bit of news. I don’t know if I should be embarrassed about this or happy, but I have decided that we need to break down and get a maid. With the kind of hours that I have been putting in lately, and with the honey working the odd hours that he does, housecleaning is just not getting done. It’s both of our faults really, but neither of us could take it anymore, so I just made the call. Honestly, its just as well spent as what I spent on the Progressor (and y’all KNOW I consider that money VERY well spent :-P). It’s such a load off my mind to not to have to worry about the house that I SLEPT better after they left. Maybe I should be embarrassed, and I am a little, but, I can’t say I am actually sorry.
Midnite. Sleep now? Gods, I hope so. Otherwise, I might go postal. Insomina is kicking my ass.

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