A Grand Experiment

As y’all can probably see, I’ve been doing some moving about of links and such on ye olde blog this week. For example, the links along the side used to just be static in my Main Index template, but now, they are all managed using Blogroll, which means when I screw up my template yet again, I won’t loose all my links like I have in the past. I love it when I can find ways to counteract my blondness. The new system also does cool things like show the last updated dates for blogs that support it. What?! I am easily amused by gadgets. Don’t look at me like that. 😛

Also new is the archive dropdown, instead of the full list of all the archive months. I thought it was making the navigation a bit too messy. This is using the sexy new Widgets feature in MovableType.

I am working on a system that will allow you to edit your comments for a couple minutes after you leave ’em so you can quickie correct that typo. There still seems to be some kinks in that system tho, so its a WIP for now.

And now, so I can test some new posting software, y’all get to be treated to an adorable pic of Tigger Just because I want to test the image feature, of course. The fact that I get to show pics of my preciouses is just a bonus. 😛

2 thoughts on “A Grand Experiment”

  1. Argh!! I need shit like that, dammitall. I have such a boring blog and I want to do stuff to it like MySpace. All the kids are on MySpace and they have pics and such 🙁

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