To any and all people who might drive the 330….

There is no shame in not driving the speed limit up the hill. You might not be comfy driving 55 in the mountains, we get that. Your car might not be CAPABLE of doing it, we get that too. It’s cool; we still love you – that’s why CalTrans made the turnouts and passing lanes.
HOWEVER….IF you are in this crowd, and you drive past the turnouts going 30 miles per hour with 15 cars behind you, and then speed up when we finally hit the passing lane so not everyone can get around you, that means you SUCK. You are a rude asshole who needs to DIAF. YOU are the asshat who causes accidents when people try to go around you because they are so damn frustrated that you refuse to do the polite thing and turn out. You aren’t helping people to be more safe, you are being a jerk, and you need to get the fuck off our roads.
Your friends and neighbours who also have to share the road.

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