I have not had much time to post here, as I have been a really busy Dessie at work, and it has been way too hot at home to be in the office to be online, so we have been going GeoCaching almost every night because we can use an air-conditioned car.
It was so hot yesterday that I jury-rigged a shower in the back yard with the hose and took my shower outside. 😛 It was cooler outside at that point than it was inside. It was about 96 degrees inside my house. LOL.
Yesterday, it was over 100 degrees and 75% humidity. Today is supposed to be even hotter. Can it just rain already please?

One thought on “Heat!”

  1. amazing how we’re a continent apart, yet we’re dealing with the same weather issues. Our heat index forecast today is 107-110… and we’re headed to Savannah for my car’s regularly-scheduled tuneup… Thank God for the man who invented car air-conditioning…

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