More Dessie Dumbness

In my grand tradition of detailing it here when I do something that proves that I am, well, kinda ditzy at times, we have a new “Dessie is dumb” story. Feel free to laugh at me. I am. 🙂
So, the honey and I are out for some sushi at a buffet type restaurant. We go our separate ways to find our sushi. I find some yummy sushi, but in the process, I accidentally picked up some eel. Since eel is SO not edible, especially raw, I was grumbling about it and picking at it all the way back to my table.
I get back to my table and plunk down, and put the offensive sushi on the Honey’s plate, and grab something I like in exchange. Suddenly, I hear someone clear their throat. I look up….
Into the eyes of someone who is NOT the honey. I sat down one table away. The guy at the table is looking at me as though I was fucking insane (which, for the record, I am) and the honey is sitting at our table trying desperately not to snort his sake.
I slinked back to my table with my tail between my legs, and the poor guy whose table I look over left shortly thereafter. Probably didn’t want the crazy lady the table over to rub off on him or something. LOL.
Yes kids, I am crazy.

One thought on “More Dessie Dumbness”

  1. W00t! I am 51% Stupid!

    Got this from someone else, but it was too fun not to post. Whee for blondeness. Too bad there is nothing about sitting at the wrong table on this one or I would have been even higher! 1. [X] I…

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