Where Were You When the Lights Went Out, LA?

How Los Angeles Lost Power
Ouch. It seems someone cut the wrong wire, and managed to take down the power to half of LA. Wahey. :-/
Ordinarily, this would be something I would laugh at, and move on my way, however, this “little booboo” managed to wreck my day rather nicely. Someone did something wrong with the generators at our datacenter for my company, which caused our servers to loose all power. VERY BAD JUJU. 🙁
I spent about 15 hours at work yesterday, helping to deal with the mess. Still getting bitched at by people who think we should have done something to prevent the power from going out at all.

One thought on “Where Were You When the Lights Went Out, LA?”

  1. I’m not dead, really

    I have been so totally busy since going back to work after the wedding. We have had a really difficult couple of weeks, that thankfully are finally over. It’s been almost a year since we played “where were you when…

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